In conjunction with the Phoenix Desert AP® Summer Institute we are pleased to offer the following newly designed workshop sessions. These sessions are designed for any teacher who teaches Advanced, Honors or Gifted students but all teachers are welcome.

“Advanced/Honors English Strategies” 
This class offers teachers hands-on activities, group discussions, and multiple strategies to prepare for the rigorous course work expected of students in advanced and honors English classes. This workshop focuses on helping participants explore and articulate all aspects of middle school and high school English curriculums, anchored in the skills, knowledge, and habits of mind students need for achieving the ELA AZ College and Career Readiness Standards. Both middle school and high school teachers (Grades 7-10) will discover knowledge that can benefit all of their students. (Course may be used toward the gifted endorsement)

"Advanced Honors Strategies: P.E.A.C.E -"Providing Equitable Access Through Cultural Education
Nationally there is a need for our instruction and curricula to reflect the ethnic diversity of our student population. Most teachers have an increasing number of culturally and linguistically diverse students.  How do teachers integrate and utilize the diverse perspectives, values, and talents that students bring to the classroom?  Participants will leave this seminar with strategies for optimizing student engagement and facilitating deeper learning.  (Course may be used for gifted endorsement)

"Advanced/Honors Strategies: Integrating S.T.E.M. Strategies for all Students"
Students today require a structure to their instruction which illustrates the "Big Picture" orientation and integration of curricular content. By focusing on S.T.E.M. strategies, this class will enable a classroom teacher to meet the needs of gifted students as well as other students who need to see the connections between required content areas in order to reach a higher standard of knowledge. The class will use models, experiments and presentations requiring the participant to be engaged in learning in order to do the same with their students.(Course may be used toward the gifted endorsement ) 

"Advanced/Honors Strategies: Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Analysis for Students"
The fact is that 65% of our current students will be employed in jobs that do not yet exist. We ask students “what do you want to be when you grow up” when the question according to Jaime Casap should be “what problems do you want to solve”. The change in the question forces educators to think of learning as a process of problem solving, critical thinking and creativity using teaching skills involving collaboration, communication, experimentation. Concepts articulated through the lens of the Stanford Design Process for Gifted students yet applicable to all students.(Course may be used toward the gifted endorsement)

​ Gifted Strategies for Teachers Grades K-6  
Gifted Strategies for Teachers Grades 6-8

These four day institutes are designed for the classroom teacher who has the responsibility to “differentiate instruction” for the gifted learner in their classroom. It would also be appropriate for gifted teachers who want to add new tools to their instructional skill set for working with gifted students. In either case the participants will learn about the specific and unique needs of gifted students, strategies for working with these students, teaching methods and specific classroom activities with proven effectiveness.   (Course may be used toward the gifted endorsement)
*Gifted Strategies K-6 offered in Tucson & Phoenix  
*Gifted Strategies 6-8 offered in Tucson & Phoenix

The cost for the four day workshop is $750.00
Lunch and materials are included as well as breakfast the first morning.

Tucson Session 
June 16-19, 2020
Tuesday - Friday
Tucson High Magnet School
400 N 2nd Avenue, 
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phoenix Session 
July 13-16, 2020
Monday - Thursday
Pinnacle High School
3535 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85050